About Us

Alain Pitiot, Ph.D.

Co- Founder & Director

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I have over 20 years of experience in algorithm and software development, in both industrial and academic contexts across Europe and in the USA, with a predilection for image processing and large-scale data analysis. Within Ilixa, I oversee the Laboratory of Image & Data Analysis, which is primarily involved with the design and development of software packages for the management, visualisation and analysis of data.

I am also a honorary lecturer in the School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham (UK) and an affiliated researcher at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology (Austria). My scientific interests cover image processing and medical image analysis, with particular expertise in multimodal image registration, image segmentation and computational neuroscience.

I am involved with various national and international programmes dealing with imaging and image analysis, such as the Austrian BioImaging Industry Board, to which I was elected vice-president, and the European Horizon 2020 COMULIS COST Action, where I co-lead the pre-clinical hybrid hybrid imaging effort.

  • programming languages: C++, JavaScript, Python
  • fluent in French and English
  • current projects: PsychoJS
  • I contacted Ilixa to develop a fully automated software that would segment out veins in the central nervous system. Drawing on their image analysis experience, Ilixa designed a novel scientific approach, which they piloted on our preliminary data with excellent results.

    Dr. Nikos Evangelou, consultant neurologist at Nottingham University Hospital