Laboratory of Image & Data Analysis

The laboratory provides expertise in the visualisation, management and analysis of scientific data. Its mission is to deliver the advanced tools that will help Ilixa customers better understand the complex nature of their data, and to contribute to the state of the art in image & data analysis.

We offer a large spectrum of software design and development services, from small, ad-hoc projects, which may require novel algorithms, to large scale data management & analysis systems. Applications range from MRI or histology analysis to genomics or drug discovery, in both clinical and research settings. For instance, we developed a genomic analysis software to help the researchers of the Children Brain Tumor Research Centre (University of Nottingham, UK) manage their large quantity of microarray data.

We also participate in the design and running of scientific studies in collaboration with academics in various institutions across Europe. For instance, we are developing image registration algorithms for digital pathology with Prof. Mohammad Ilyas (School of Medicine, University of Nottingham, UK). We are analysing data from patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis in collaboration with Dr. Nikos Evangelou (School of Medicine, University of Nottingham, UK).