A multiplatform patient monitoring application

  • REVIHR on a Windows PC

  • REVIHR on an iPad

  • Patient demographics interface

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We were commissioned by Dr. Chouliara, a research psychologist in the Division of Rehabilitation and Ageing of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Nottingham, to develop a user friendly patient monitoring application, which could be run by researchers and clinicians on a variety of devices, such as laptops (Windows, Mac, Linux), tablets (IOS, Android and Windows 8) and mobile phones. This was part of a study exploring the delivery of rehabilitation interventions for people early post stroke, run across four stroke units in the East Midlands (UK).

To maintain the confidentiality of the patient information, the collected data is encrypted and authenticated using the publicly available OpenPGP system. This guarantees that Dr. Chouliara and her colleague are the only people able to access patient data.

  • Technology:

    • HTML5/Javascript/CSS3
    • Apache Cordova++
    • OpenPGP
  • Client:

    Division of Rehabilitation and Ageing at the University of Nottingham

  • Client Testimonial:

    We really appreciated how Ilixa worked closely with us throughout the process of developing and piloting the application to ensure that the final product would best meet our needs.
    I was impressed by how Alain took on board all our feedback in making further improvements and was always there to answer our questions in a timely manner, offering continuous guidance and support. Ilixa's understanding of both the research environment and data protection issues ensured that the app was in line with research ethics requirements.
    All in all, a great team to work with!

    Dr. Nikki Chouliara, research fellow, Faculty of Medicine, University of Nottingham

We selected Apache Cordova as our development framework. Cordova made it possible to develop a single application using standard web technologies, i.e. HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, which could run on a variety of devices (laptop, tablets and mobile phones) without the need to write platform specific code, which considerably sped up the development cycle.